Why you need Body shapers?

Fajas colombianas originales – On the off chance that you look in the mirror and the picture you see doesn’t totally fulfill you, and after further and cautiously breaking down your body you feel that all in all terms you’re truly decent, there is in every case a few subtleties in your figure that doesn’t “fit”; at that point the time has come to tackle it by utilizing a girdle.


Why you need Body shapers?

The market offers an assortment of girdles and body control dressing structured with various materials, hues and inventive functionalities. This assortment includes some significant downfalls, however reacts to the molding and styling needs that have been investigated and arranged in women and men.

The Colombian brand Co’Coon, pioneer on the planet and surely understood by its innovative work of girdles, model and control attire, utilizing the most recent innovation, gives you a few suggestions to purchase accurately and to get your girdle with astonishing outcomes.

There are two essential factors to think about when purchasing a girdle:

1. The material

2. The territory of the body to be remedied

1. The Material: Check the mark to see the material with which they are made, in light of the fact that every shaper has various qualities of extension and pressure.

– Comfort most importantly: If this is the first occasion when you are utilizing a girdle, it is prescribed to begin with one of the medium pressure Seamless line, explained with a one of a kind mix of Lycra and nylon microfiber, for greatest delicate quality and solace.

– Define the guts: If you have to evacuate confined fat in the stomach area we prescribe you to utilize a shaper with warm advantages, one that has latex band in the stomach territory, and inside fixed with cotton to ingest abundance perspiring. This advantage can be gotten in four distinct lines: Light, Thermoslim Seamless, Powertech and the Extreme.

– Strong control with most extreme solace: If you need a high pressure garment yet you need it delicate to the touch and simple to utilize, at that point you truly need to wear a girdle from the Powertech line. This line gives a select work texture notwithstanding the Rubberflex’s latex activity that gives high molding sensible pressure.

– Maximum Control: If you like to feel the weight of a solid control that blueprints and lessens 1 to 3 sizes in a split second, generally, at that point your best option are the shapers made with powernet. This solid short extension work texture enables the skin to inhale, making it perfect for post careful events. These shapers likewise have dependable characteristics with act remedy functionalities. You can discover them in the Powernet, Power-Med and Extreme lines.


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