The Dutch are very attached to their mobile providers, why don’t they change more often and save money with Sim Only?

This is the conclusion of research by Motivaction International at the request of the Consumer and Market Authority. The research shows that over 70 percent of the Dutch population has not switched to mobile subscriptions in the past year. Of the people who have taken out a new subscription, the majority also remain with their own provider. The best way to learn more is to check out all the sim only deals.

  • Most Dutch people chose to stay with their sim only provider last year. That is the conclusion of the researchers at Motivaction. Approximately 30 percent took out a new subscription. 18 percent remained with their current provider and only 12 percent switched. Switching is only attractive for the Dutch when the saving is more than 7.57 euros per month. So the Dutchman is loyal to T-Mobile, KPN and Simyo.

Research into switching from a mobile subscription

The research commissioned by the Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) shows that almost everyone with a mobile subscription remains loyal to his or her current provider.

Motivaction discovered that about 30 percent of the Dutch people changed their sim only subscription last year. The majority, over 70 percent, remained loyal to their provider. The reason for this can be explained by satisfaction with the quality of their own provider. Another reason, of course, is that many people take out a two-year sim only subscription, which means that they will only be able to make the switch next year.

  • That the Dutch are loyal to their provider is also shown by the figures of the study. Because of the 30 percent with a new subscription, 18 percent remains with the current provider. The study actually concludes that only 12 percent of the Dutch people change provider.

Why switch from Sim Only provider?

The study reveals various causes that cause people to switch. The main reason for the Dutch to switch is the price. But the Dutchman doesn’t just switch. Because the advantage must be more than 7.57 euros per month to make the switch.

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