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If you are thinking about coming to the UK in any category, it’s important that you get your application right. Most mistakes made are those based on assumptions or drawn from casual advice received via friends or relatives. Bear in mind that UKBA doesn’t always give you the full picture of what evidence you need to provide. As a result your application for a visa can end up being refused.

How can I check my own application?

Here are a few tips for getting off to the right start.

Don’t assume that you can sail through customs based on connections with a UK relative or sponsor. Check that you can meet the basic rules for your visa application.
Read the application form thoroughly. If there is a section that seems totally irrelevant, you may have the wrong form. The UK Border Agency has guidelines on which application form you need.
Get an initial consultation from a immigration lawyer birmingham. It’s better to invest a few pounds on advice than to waste hundreds or thousands.
Share your experience on forums. There are plenty around who may have similar experiences to your own and can give useful input.
Don’t assume however that you can apply a copycat application; everyone’s experience is different.


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