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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on maternal and child health are far behind the underlying objectives. Although Africa has only 12% of the world population, it is half of all maternal deaths and half of all deaths of children under five.

In Tanzania’s participation in prenatal clinics more than 94%, but only 50% give rise to appropriate medical services. It is not like the U.S., where home birth is a matter of choice. In our part of the world, women are not able to get appropriate medical assistance to their most vulnerable time. I was under the hand of a traditional midwife, I was born and I grew up healthy and strong to become the president of my country. It is my hope that we give equal opportunity for every child.


Once when I was a member of Parliament, I visited a village in the countryside, as I tackle first-hand witness to the very problem that we try. As I was testing a local farm, I noticed four men on a nearby street fight to put a huge basket on a bicycle. It seemed from afar to be quite a difficult task. I started my meeting, but when we returned to town, we adopted the same village a few miles from where I originally saw. We stopped to see if we could offer no help. We found that the large basket on the bike include a woman in labor.

I decided that would give those of us passengers were our seats, so that she and her family could get medical help as soon as possible. As I waited to return to the side of the road to our car, I got to this woman and I pulled into consideration what is going to be her and her unborn child. Our car back and we made our way around the city, where we met a woman and her healthy baby boy. I was relieved to see that this woman was no longer in danger and this woman was so relieved to have a healthy son, they called him my name.

This story reminds me every day of pain and suffering that so many women and why we maternal health a priority. It is unacceptable for mothers and children to die, when we have the knowledge and resources to save them. Governments in Africa have taken it upon themselves to invest in health care. When I took office in 2005 was the sixth largest health care budget and now it is the third largest after education and infrastructure, the indirect relationship to health in one way or the other.

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