Contact termipest for your termite inspection

Visit termipest for your termite inspection for inspection. It is important as termite protection requires a skilled and specialized professional to be effective. Termites eat millions and millions dollars worth of structures every year. Termites not only attack old wood, but they can be found in new construction, as well. Termites are not only found in wood, but they inhabit soil.


The threat of termite infestation can be reduced by treating the soil around and beneath the foundation before construction, especially if the area has been known for termites in the past. Pretreatment of an area will give you a jumpstart on effective termite infestation and if termites appear in the future, they will be substantially less.

Termites are not speed eaters and will not consume your building over night. If you discover or suspect termites are in your immediate future, do not panic and do not hire the first termite specialist to come down the pike. Be sure to check out each termite disposal specialist carefully before hiring the one to do the work.

When choosing termite protection always get a written contract that describes the location of active and inactive termite infestation areas, the course of treatment to be rendered, the number of treatments required or recommended and the exact treatment method to be used. The contract should also contain any preparation work necessary before the treatment and any safety precautions necessary because of the treatment method used. The written contract should also note the cost of the service and whether it is a firm price or a not to exceed price.

Consider obtaining at least three estimates before making the definitive choice. The estimate is typically valid for a certain amount of time and it is important to know that window of time. Also, let each termite protection Brisbane specialists know you are obtaining competitive bids. In order to compare the prices involved, give each bidder the same criteria to work from. If they are given different criteria, it will be difficult to compare the costs.

It is also important to understand how each treatment method works. If you are not familiar with the treatment methods, ask for an explanation. You do not want any surprises when it is time to for the work to be performed.

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