BEST DIVORCE FOR CHEAP  – I have been divorced at least 6 months, or separated more than 1 year. 2. How to protect yourself With an individual account that has an authorized user, the holder of the account should immediately request that the authorized user be removed from the account and that their card be revoked. Because you are the primary cardholder, you are completely within your rights to do this. If you have a joint account you should request that the account be closed immediately before any damage can be done. If there is a balance owing on the account, then you should request that half of the balance be put into an individual account for each person.



A lending institution is not allowed to close an account simply because a married couple have divorced or are contemplating divorce. However, if one of the people in the couple requests that the account be closed, then the lending institution is allowed to make the changes. If divorce is on the horizon, it is important to address this issue immediately since lending institutions are not required to change joint accounts to individual ones, but may choose to do so at their own discretion. Lending institutions may request that each party re-apply for their credit accounts again. If this happens, it is possible that the lending institution may deny credit to one or both of the account holders if their income is insufficient or their credit report is blemished.

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